Welcome to Music Together® Online! 

Music Together Online is a package of online music experience and resources that, together, create a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you're used to with the Music Together program.  Our online offering this Winter for Mixed Ages will include TWO Facebook Live classes, along with an additional BONUS activity via Zoom each week.  This upcoming semester, you'll learn twenty-five new songs and activities from the BELLS Collection, including a rousing new rendition of the American folksong, "Alabama Gal' - great for dancing with a partner even when you're not at a hoe-down!  Our version of this traditional tune features banjo, harmonica, and cajon (a Peruvian box drum).  This collection also includes Music Together favourites like "Me, You, and We," which is often one of the first songs little ones learn to sing, as well as "Trot Old Joe," and "The Bells of Westminster."  In addition to your weekly classes and the bonus activity, your tuition includes a beautifully illustrated songbook, CD, and digital download package which will be delivered or mailed to your door once your registration is complete.  The online Family Music Zone gives you exclusive access to downloadable family resources (colouring pages, musical games, etc), and partway through the semester, you'll receive a family newletter full of resources and music-making ideas! 





  • Core curriculum:  Facebook Live classes Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 10:00 am, accessed through our private "Bells" Facebook group, which you will join once registered.  Attendance at both classes each week will provide a total of 45-50 minutes of developmentally appropriate musical education, delivered through PLAY, which is how children learn best!  Each class is 20-25 minutes long, and will feature a variety of small & large movement activities, musical play with props & instruments you'll easily find in your home, family dancing & singing, and plenty of cozy snuggling with your little ones!  These Facebook Live classes will be recorded and held within our private "Bells" group for viewing "on demand," for the duration of the semester.  Families can attend the live class, or choose to watch at a time that suits their schedule better, or even watch a favourite class multiple times.  Repetition is great for children and truly helps them to learn music fundamentals, and as they become more familiar with the music, and with YOUR direct participation, you will likely find that they engage better in class...yes, even online!


  • Bonus:  This semester, we're adding a bonus activity on Saturdays, which will be delivered via Zoom.  This activity might be a musical craft or game idea, book or lullaby, dance party, extended instrument play (drum "circle"?), or just an opportunity for you and your child(ren) to show & tell, share a story, and to connect with the teacher and with other families.  The times will vary depending on the activity (book/lullaby will be evening & crafts will be morning, etc), but will be posted a week ahead of time, to allow families to prepare and to source out any supplies that might be needed!  Although it IS possible to record a Zoom meeting, I will not be recording these bonus activities, in order to protect the privacy of participating families. 


  • Supplementary:  Your registration will include supplementary content within the "Bells" private Facebook group, which may include "on demand" single song activities, singalong storybooks, lullabies, videos of the Music Together Band, and Parent Education to help you understand how the activities support and encourage your child's musical journey and to help your entire family get the most benefit from the Music Together Online program.  


Concerned About Screen Time? 

We know screen time isn't generally recommended for this age range, but here's the difference:  YOU!  When children passively receive information from a screen, they don't absorb it in the same way nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a parent or close caregiver.  So, just as in our in-person classes, YOU are still the most important part.  Your teacher will be on the screen, children might see their classmates on the screen (depending on which platform we're using), but it is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with the child that is going to continue their music development and help them to engage with the activities!  In fact, you might even choose to keep the screen visible only to you as you and your child play with the music. 


Please let me encourage you to think of our offering this way: In addition to providing this award-winning Music Together education program for your child, this is a way to connect with your child, your teacher and with others in our community.  We need each other during this time.  We need music, more than ever.  We need something on the schedule!  We can still be silly, interactive and playful “together” online, giving your child the opportunity to internalize basic music fundamentals in a fun and developmentally appropriate way! 

We hope to see you and your little one(s) in a virtual class this winter!



TUITION (all prices include GST):

To be clear, we feel strongly that the value and integrity of the Music Together program remains intact with Music Together Online.  We are still music educators with the goal to provide the highest quality music learning experience for your child.  Since our overhead costs are a bit lower, we are able to pass along a reduced tuition fee for our online classes only. 

Online Classes:

$165 per Family (plus a one-time registration fee of $30 for NEW families)

Each price is for the entire family...separate sibling pricing has been eliminated for MTO!


Note:  We require that only children living in the same home be registered as siblings

When registering, please provide that names and birthdates of ALL children who will be attending the class, placing the OLDEST child as Registrant #1


*A one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $30 (includes GST) applies for families that are new to Codabugs Music Together, regardless of whether you have attended classes at another Music Together centre.  All centres are owned and operated separately.


Please see "Payment Options" section below.


Payment Options (please contact Tracey here or at (780) 292-1780 to arrange):

  1. E-transfer
  2. Credit Card via Square



Prior to 1st class:  full refund minus $30

Prior to 2nd class:  full refund minus $60

**There will be no refunds given after the 2nd class.


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