Outdoor Class Policies

Welcome to Codabugs Music Together.

The following policies and procedures have been put in place in order to provide accessible, safe classes for you and your children.  Please help to make our classes run efficiently by adhering to the following guidelines. 


What outdoor classes will look like:

  • Maximum 6-8 families per class, dependant on numbers of individuals.
  • Social distancing will be practiced throughout the class.  The only thing we'll share is our love for making Music Together®!  Families should bring a large blanket for their family to sit on.  Each blanket will help to provide a clear visual boundary for social distancing while we sing, dance and jam together.  We will measure out and provide markers 10-12 feet apart prior to your arrival, so that you'll know where to lay out your blanket.  Once you're settled, we encourage families to stay on/near their blanket area.
  • Please try to arrive 5-10 minutes before your start time.  We will make every effort to begin and end class on time.
  • Adults (including your teacher) may be required to wear a mask, depending on AB Health guidelines as we get closer to our start date.    
  • Each family will bring basic instruments from home (can be purchased, homemade or "found") and other items for being outside (water, sunscreen, bug spray, etc).  We are offering a basic package of instruments for purchase (as long as supplies last), which includes one pair of egg shakers, one set of rhythm sticks, and one scarf in a Music Together drawstring backpack, $18.  This is an option only and not a requirement.    
  • Washrooms will not be available, so please be prepared (travel potties, etc).
  • Participation:  We urge you or your child's caregiver to participate fully in class.  The children are free to develop naturally and in their own time and style.  Keep in mind that you are here as a model for your child, even if you aren't feeling particularly confident about your own musical abilities.  If your child sees you making music and having a good time, he or she is more likely to develop that disposition.  So, relax, let your child "be", and have some musical fun!  


Other important information regarding outdoor classes:

  • Participation in Music Together Outdoor classes will require signing a waiver before the first class.
  • Before you leave home, please do a quick self-assessment and stay home for the required quarantine if you or anyone in your home is showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in close contact with someone testing positive.  If unsure, please err on the side of caution and join us online.      
  • Outdoor classes are on a weather-permitting basis.  Although our "official" semester dates are April 20 - June 12, if we need to cancel class due to inclement weather, we can extend the session.  With that said, be prepared for weather!  If it's cool or drizzling a bit, class will run...wear your raincoats and boots, and come sing!  We will not run class in a thunderstorm.  Keep your phone nearby, as cancellation notices will be sent by text.  We'll do our best to give you an hour's notice of any cancellation.  Feel free to text me at 780-292-1780 if you have questions.
  • If your teacher is sick, and a substitute is unavailable, class will be cancelled and either offered online or the semester extended.  
  • Unfortunately, we're unable to offer in-person make up classes due to tight limits and in an attempt to cohort families as much as possible.  If your family has to miss a class, please attend the Facebook Live class for that week.  There will be no refunds or credits for in-person classes missed.
  • If it becomes necessary to cancel our outdoor semester, due to shut-down or a different phase in the Province of Alberta, families will be given the option to continue online or to receive a refund for the in-person classes we aren't able to complete.  If this occurs, please be patient...the logistics will be a nightmare, and there is only one of me!
  • Please leave your valuables at home, or bring them into the class area with you.
  • We will try to accommodate visiting adult family members and older children from the same household, however, please contact me ahead of time to ensure there is space (according to outdoor gathering limits).  Also, if a family member who regularly attends will be missing class, let us know that as well.   

Liability Release:  By attending class, you agree to release Codabugs Music Together and its associates and facilities liability relating to injuries, damages, or illness that may occur inside class or outside class when using class activities.        



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